Saturday, July 5, 2014


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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Start With Why

That's the title of the last book I read. It made sense to me. If I tell you why you should start a blog, you are far more likely to want to know how (to get started) and what (to write). That makes perfect sense.
So, to test this theory, I explained to Margaret (my lovely wife) some of the reasons I thought she should start blogging. OK, I put the cart before the horse with her, since I set up her blog just yesterday. In any case, after listening to just a few of Margaret's stories, I felt it would be a shame for her family and friends to have no access to this fun stuff. With that "why" in mind, she came home and wrote a nice post about our experience bowling today. That's all it takes.
Maybe the answer to why is as simple as this: you may have family and friends and future descendants who might like to know a bit more about you. Or, maybe you have been thinking about writing your memoirs, but see this as a large task and you cannot imagine finding time to complete that monumental project. This is where blogging can help you. You only have to write a paragraph or two per day.
I've heard of an author who has written many books by making time to write at least one page every day. If you take that same approach to blogging, pretty soon, all your memoirs will be written and posted in your very own online notebook. You can do it. You have memories to share, stories to tell, or maybe you just had a pretty good day and would like to capture that moment for yourself on your blog.
That's all for today. Here are just a few paragraphs on why, to demonstrate how easy it is to get going with this very small piece of a simple daily exercise.

Monday, March 12, 2012

More Blogging About Blogging

Now that Rouzell is completely immersed in Social Media services projects, we realize we have blogs in many places. For your inspection, we offer links to each of them here.

That last link has seniority. There you'll find the bulk of the work and the latest application of a theme update. That monstrous header at the top is an amalgamation of the four websites/domains that get most of my attention.

In order of appearance, they are in order of precedence. Rouzell was begun in 2006, VIBE Networking is almost two years old now, support to ACT I has been going on much longer, but officially just under two years, Mousehelp dot com is less than a year and half old at this writing.

Soon those images will be linked to their corresponding websites. They are listed here for your perusal.

The link below allows me to enter a contest for an iPad. I need one of those....

The New Experts Exchange is Here! Experience EE v.10!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Explaining Social Media

Today, for the second time, I've had the opportunity to explain the value of Facebook to a prospective client. It goes like this; Facebook is better than email and better than a website, because people can ignore your email and may not ever find your website. But if they are on Facebook (and that is the key ingredient), they can befriend you, or like your content, and that is where the value is.

Your website may never change, your emails may be never be opened, or they may be summarily dismissed. But, on Facebook, if someone is already your friend, or if somebody "Likes" something you've posted to your Facebook page, people will know about it. They will be notified by the system that you've added something new that may be of interest. After all, you are their friend, right?

As I said in a recent Facebook post, the value of being on Facebook and the value of the content you add to your pages there, comes from the other people on Facebook. There is no comparison I can make to the value of your email or your website. Nobody will know you've updated your website. There is no guarantee that anyone will open your email and take action. But, if you have friends on Facebook, or somebody likes your latest post to your Facebook page, you have instant notoriety.

This is the end. If you need further convincing of the value of being on Facebook, call me, email me, go to my website, find me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter, and I will see you in person, to do a demonstration of how this stuff works.

This is yet another blog post. I'm still working on getting all of my blogs assembled in one place, so I'll know that the pearls of wisdom I provide here will be available everywhere you may find me.

Have a pleasant evening.